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Kabaddi rules: how to play kabaddi


Kabaddi is an ancient team sport. In kabaddi game, two teams go to against each other on opposite halves of the field. kabaddi rules are simple. By the rules of kabaddi, both the teams take turns to send a ‘raider’ into the opposite half to score points. The Raider’s performance

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Kabaddi game: history of kabaddi


Kabaddi is an ancient game. The history of the Kabaddi game proves that the game is much older. There is an ancient record of playing kabaddi. The kabaddi game originated from India. Kabaddi international match. pic : commons wikimedia org      Kabaddi game : Kabaddi has been

  • how to play cricket

How to Play Cricket: rules of cricket game


 Cricket is a game that needs physical activity with bat, bowl, and a large field. 2 teams of 11 players, each play at only 1 time. By researching cricket history we found that, a bundle of rules of cricket were designed for the game by (ICC). These cricket

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The Rules of Basketball: how to play basketball


 Basketball is a rough and hard sport, although it is officially a non-contact game. After brainstorming some new ideas, Dr. James Naismith developed basketball's rules  for play the game. He created thirteen rules of basketball for beginner to play basketball game.  high school basketball competition

  • history of basketball

History of Basketball: basketball origin-NBL-NBA


 Basketball is a game, which played between two teams, and each team contain five players. Its usually a indoors game, on a rectangular court. Each team tries to score by through the ball in the opponent’s goal. The goal is an elevated horizontal hoop and the net called

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Sports Equipment List: types of sports products


 Sports have a lots of benefits. It helps to develop our health. Currently sports is a part of our life.  In this article we discussed about equipment of sports, necessary of sports equipment, and give, sports equipment list with sports name.   For ages, people have found ways to

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