Sports have a lots of benefits. And also it helps to develop our health. However currently sports is a part of our life.  In this article we discussed about equipment of sports and necessary of sports equipment. And also sports equipment list with sports name.

  For ages, people have found ways to entertain or spend time. Which not only entertained them, but rather became an integral part of life. Such is the “sport“, which is very necessary for the physical and mental development of Man. So we need to know more about sports and it’s equipment.

sports equipment list
sports products

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           Sports equipment list :

  Sports is very important for us. And it not only essential for us but also our kids. So we need to learn more about sports, sports benefits and about sports equipment or sports products.

  If we want to play sports, we need sports equipment. Different sports have different equipment.  Here in this article, you can find  a list of sports equipment.

         Equipment of sports :

   Sporting equipment or gaming instrument, which also called sports products or sporting goods, or you can called it equipment of sports. What’s have numerous forms reckoning on the game. However it’s essential to complete the game.

   If you want to play the game, you need equipment. The equipment of sports is like bats, balls, nets, protective gear like helmets, shoes, suits, sports gears etc. Sporting equipment can be used as protective gear or as tool used to help the athletes play the sport.

   If you want to watch Live sports, Then Live Sports are here for you.

   For your security, equipment are essential. Equipment of sports has evolved as a result of sports have began to need a lot of protecting gear to stop injuries.

sports products
sports equipment list

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          Types of sports products :

  To fulfill your necessary, you need to go to shop or bye from online. Sporting equipment may be found in any department store or you can bye it from online store. Overall, You must need sports equipment for sports. Sports equipment list are given bellow –

 1) Children’s sports equipment :

A)  Bat.
B)  Ball.
C)  Helmet.
D)  Net.
E)  Shoes.
F)  Bag.
G) Mat.
H) Chair.
 I) Shelf.
J)  Aids.
K) And also Accessories.

   2) Weightlifting lifting and power lifting :

A)  Super black rubber plates suitable for 28 mm bore bars ( 0.5 gm).
B)  black rubber plates suitable for 28 mm bore bars(1 kg).
C)  Super black rubber plates suitable for 28 mm bore bars(2 kg).
D)  black rubber plates suitable for 28 mm bore bars(2.5 kg).
E)  Super black rubber plates suitable for 28 mm bore bars(5 kg).
F)  rubber plates suitable for 28 mm bore bars(10 kg).
G)  Weight training bars 92 cm (3’).
H)  Weight training bars 120 cm (5’).
I)  Weight training bars 182 cm (6’).
J)  Chrome plated metal bars- threaded ends (30 cm (1’).
K)  Chrome plated metal bars- threaded ends (45 cm (1.5’).

And Also :
L)  Olympic training bars EZ kurl bar 117.5 cm (50 mm).
M)  EZ kurl bar 148.5 cm (50 mm).
N)  Weight lifting belts.
O)  Power lifting belts.
P)  Spare Olympic metal plates 50 mm bore(1 kg).
Q)  Spare Olympic metal plates 50 mm bore(2.50 kg).
R)  Spare Olympic metal plates 50 mm bore(5.00 kg).
S)  Bar stand.
T)  Th-era band(medium and hard).
U)  Resistance band(medium and hard).
V)  Resistance tube(medium and hard).
W)  And also then Accessories.

3) Climbing Sports :

A)  Rope, cord and webbing.
B)  Carabiners.
C)  Quick-draws.
D)  Harnesses.
E)  Belay devices.
F)  Rappel devices (descender).
G)  Figure eight.
H)  Rescue eight.
I)  Rappel Rack.
J)  Ascenders.
K)  Sling.
L)  Daisy chain.
M)  Protection devices.
N)  Nuts.
O)  Hexes.
P)  Spring-loaded clamming devices.
Q)  Tricams.
R)  Hang-boards.
S)  Grip savers.
T)  Campus boards.
U)  Bachar ladder.
V)  Specialized clothing.
W)  Helmet.
X)  Climbing shoes.
Y)  Belay gloves.
Z)  Miscellaneous equipment.
A 1)  Tape.
B 2)  Haul bag.
C 3) Gear sling.
D 4)  Chalk.
E 5)  And also Accessories equipment.

4) Equipment of Gymnastics :

A)  Gymnastics mat.
B)  Balance beam.
C)  Foam mat.
D)  Vault safety zone.
E)  Mat tape.
F)  Cleaner and disinfectant.
G)  And also Gymnastics Accessories.

Trampolines, Trampolines parts/pads, mats, springs, enclosures, many more and in any size

5) Equipment of Baseball :

A)  Baseball bat.
B)  Baseball ball.
C)  Gloves.
D)  Helmets.
E)  Catchers gear.
F)  Bags.
G)  Tee ball.
H)  Training aids.
I)  Back stops.
J)  And also Baseball Accessories.

6) Equipment of Basketball :

A)  Basketball ball.
B)  Backboards.
C)  Clothing.
D)  Goals.
E)  Basketball nets.
F)  Basketball ring.
G)  And also Basketball Accessories.

7) Equipment of Football/Soccer :

A)  Soccer boot.
B)  Football (match-ball).
C)  Football (practice-ball).
D)  Mini portable goal post ( 4*3).
E)  Bib’s ( 3*15).
F)  Goal net (nylon).
G)  Swiss ball.
H)  Jersey.
I)  Shorts.
J)  Stockings.
K)  Goal keeping glove.
L)  Marking tray.
M)  Ball carrying net.
N)  Electric pump.
O)  Corner flag pole (fiber).
P) Corner flag.
Q)  And also Soccer Accessories.

8) Equipment of Golf :

A)  Golf ball.
B)  Golf clubs.
C)  Ball markers.
D)  Tees.
E)  Golf bag.
F)  Golf cart.
G)  Towels.
H)  Club head covers.
I)  Ball mark repair tool.
J)  Clothing.
K)  Gloves.
L)  Shoes.
M)  And also Golf Accessories.

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9) Equipment of Cricket :

A)   Cricket bat.
B)   ball.
C)   thie pad.
D)   chest pad.
E)   helmet.
F)   kit bag.
G)   batting gloves.
H)   elbow guard.
I)   wicket keeping gloves.
J)   wicket keeping inner gloves.
K)   wicket keeping leg guard.
L)   batting Leg Guard.
M)   inner thie guard.
N)   stumps.
O)   bat catch-practice.
P)   reaction ball.
Q)   mat.
R)   net.
S)  Medicine kit box.
T) And also Cricket Accessories.

10) Equipment of American Football :

A)  American football uniforms.
B)  Dicker rod.
C)  Eye-shield.
D)  Football helmet.
E)  Gorilla gold grip enhancer.
F)  Mouth guard.
G)  Penalty flag.
H)  Shin guard.
I)  Shoulder pads.
J)  And also And Accessories.

11) Equipment of Swimming :

A)  Swimming goggles.
B)  Swim cap.
C)  Life saving equipment.
D)  Wet-suit.
E)  And also Swimming Accessories.

12) Equipment of Boxing :

A)  Boxing gear.
B)  Boxing gloves.
C)  Heavy bags.
D)  Punching bags.
E)  Mouth guard.
F)  Protective head gear.
G)  Boxing shoes.
H)  Supporter and cup.
I)  Pads.
J) And also Boxing Accessories.

Boxing and Martial Arts sports equipment and apparels and many more, for you and your kids.

13) Equipment of Wrestling :

A)  T-shirt.
B)  Shorts.
C)  Wrestling shoes.
D)  Headgear.
E)  Water bottle.
F)  Mouth guard.
G)  Wrestling singlets.
H)  And also Wrestling Accessories.

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14) Equipment of Badminton :

A) Badminton rackets.
B)  Badminton cock.
C)  Net of badminton.
D)  And also Badminton Accessories.

15) Equipment of Hockey :

A)  Hockey stick.
B)  turf ball.
C)   goal Net.
D)   Hockey goal keeper kit.
E)  Corner flag.
F) Bibs.
G)  Hockey kit bag.
H)  And also Hockey Accessories

16) Equipment of Ice hockey :

A)  Helmet.
B)  Neck guard.
C) Shoulder pads.
D)  Elbow pads.
E) Hockey jersey.
F) Hockey gloves.
G) Jockstrap.
H)  Garter.
I)  Shin guards.
J)  Hockey socks.
K)  Mouth guard.
L)  Ice skates.
M)  Hockey puck.
N)  Hockey stick.
O)  Goal stick.
P)  Goal skates.
Q)  Chest and arm protector.
R)  And also Ice-Hockey Accessories.

17) Equipment of Volleyball :

A)  Volleyball ball.
B)  Cotton nets of Volleyball.
C)  Volleyball fiber antennas.
D)  And also Volleyball Accessories.

18) Equipment of Handball/Softball :

A)  Handball ball.
B)  Handball post.
C)  Net of handball.
D)  And also Softball Accessories.

19) Equipment of Tennis :

A)  Tennis rackets.
B)  Tennis ball.
C)  Net of tennis sports.
D)  Bag.
E)  And also Tennis Accessories.

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20) Equipment of Table Tennis :

A)  Table tennis board.
B)  Table tennis ball.
C)  Net.
D) Table tennis bat.
E)  And also Accessories.

21) Equipment of Shooting :

A)  Shooting gun.
B)  Shooting glasses.
C)  Targets for shooting .
D)  Slings.
E)  Holsters.
F)  Bi-pods.
G) Airguns.
H)  Airguns Ammunition.
I)  Ammo Boxes.
J)  Ammo Belts.
K)  And also Shooting Accessories.

22) Equipment of Human Race :

 A) Racing Shoes.
 B)  Elastic Shoelaces.
 C)  Race number belts.
 D)  Rubber bands.
 E)  Talcum Powder.
 F)  Eyeglass.
 G)  Cap.
 H)  Suits.
 I)  smartwatch.
 J)  And also Race Accessories.

23) Equipment of Car Race :

 A)  Racing Car.
 B) Racing helmets.
 C)  Suits of racing .
 D)  Shoes.
 E)  Gloves.
 F)  Underwear.
 G)  Extinguishers.
 H)  Kart gear.
 I)  Belts and harnesses.
 J)  And also Car race Accessories.

24) Equipment of Motorcycle Race :

 A)  Racing Motor cycle.
 B)  Racing suits.
 C)  shoes.
 D)  gloves.
 E)  Racing helmets.
 F)  Jackets.
 G)  And also Motorcycle race Accessories.

25) Equipment of Bicycle :

 A)  Racing Bicycles.
 B)  Aerobars.
 C) Triathlon shoes.
 D)  Hydration systems.
 E)  And also Bicycle Accessories.

26) Equipment of Boat Race :

A) Racing Boat.
B)  Hat.
C)  Sunglasses.
D)  Start Watch.
E)  Sunscreen.
F)  Camera / Go-pro.
G)  Water Bottle.
H)  Thermal Base Layer.
 I)  Deck Shoes.
 J)  Mid Layer and Fleece.
 K)  Knee Pads.
 L) Deck Shorts and Long Sleeve Shirt.
 M) Gloves.
 N) Beanie.
 O)  Neck Warmer.
 P)  Waterproof Socks.
 Q)  Tether.
 R)  PLB – GPS versions preferred.
 S)  Personal Knife / Tool.
 T)  Head Torch with red light to save your night vision.
 U)  PFD Rearm Kit for when your jacket goes off.
  V)  And also Boat race Accessories.

   26) Equipment of Ice Skating :

A) Dresses/Leotards.
  B) Helmet.
  C) Elbow Pads.
  D) Hip Pads.
  E) Gloves.
  F) Ice Skates.
  G) Knee Pads.
  H) Protective Eye Glasses.
  I) Rinks.
  J) Laces.
  K) Skate Bags.
  L) Skate Guards.
  M) Ice Skating Boot.
  N) Warm-up Jackets.
  O) Wrist Guards.
  P) Pants.
  Q) And also Ice Skating Accessories.

  27) Fitness Products :

Home gym equipment list

 A) Training bench.
 B) Dumbbell Set.
 C) Barbell Set.
 D) Kettle-bell Set.
 E) Pull-Up Frame and Bar.
 F) Treadmill.
 G) Stationary Bicycle.
 H) Rowing Machine.
 I) Exercise Bikes.
 J) Exercise Balls.
 K) Rings.
 L) Jump Rope.
 M) Fitness Ball.
 N) Plyo-Box.
 O) Weight Plates.
 P) Resistance Bands.
 Q) Ripcords, Leg Cords, Flex-cords, Stretch Buddy.
 R) Products for the Yoga.
 S) And also Gym equipment Accessories.


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